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A Vancity girl who blogs about her food (current Pescatarian), boyfriend, and just life as a UBC Science student! :D
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Perfect study weather, not like I am actually motivated to study or anything. :(

I would say one or of the number one regrets about my childhood was never really embracing my Asian langauge. I am half canto and half mando, and I can vaguely understand mandarin, however I cannot read or write any Chinese let alone understand Cantonese.

I tried waching this HK drama called Ruse of Engagement and wow it is actually so good! The only problem is my bf has finished the drama, while I am still waiting on the English subs. They upload so slowly >_>. But overall, the wait is worthwhile and I would highly recommend anyone to watch it.

All the dramas I’ve ever watched were like those typical kinda school girl.boy romantic comedies, or like the rich girl, love triangle types. I guess in a sense this is my first HK drama and all I’ve ever tried watching were the Taiwanese dramas. Ruse of Engagement not only incorporates the typical love triangle, but it also includes the action and suspense that I have not experienced while watching dramas, that is why I think it is so good! :D 



after 30 minutes of “I don’t want to study” and realizing I’m just wasting time.


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I can’t believe you have been able to put up with me for this long! Thank you bb! You know me well. #anniversary #oneyear #love #boyfriend #jewelry #swarovski #hearts #crystal

$4.95 lunch!

I love how the enjoyment of food has the ability to bring people together!

Dinner date with my mom!

There is your veggie poutine on your left and meat poutine on your right!